The Full Monty… Secret Project Revealed

Yes folks… it’s time to reveal all about that Secret Project I’ve been going on about for ages. So…

[insert drum roll]

I’ve been working on a new series of kids books called…


YOU CHOOSE is a series of interactive books where the reader gets to make key decisions about how the story progresses. Numerous intertwining story paths and a plethora of different endings (many of them resulting in certain death), combined with a variety of genres and an odd assortment of really weird characters should provide a roller-coaster ride of a reading adventure. 🙂

As a kid, I loved reading the old Choose Your Own Adventure books. And over the years, I’ve read a variety of different takes on the style, from the Pick-a-Path books to the more recent Interactive History Adventures, and even one of the Doctor Who: Decide Your Destiny series. So I am VERY EXCITED about having my own series. And they have been a lot of fun to plot out. Check out my whiteboard for The Treasure of Dead Man’s Cove

The first two books come out in May from Random House AustraliaThe Treasure of Dead Man’s Cove and Mayhem at Magic School. They will be marketed for middle to upper primary… but I reckon they’re fun for ‘kids’ of all ages. 😉 The wonderful covers and internal illustrations are by James Hart (check out his site, he does awesome work.)

The next two books will be released later in the year. Book 3 is currently going through the editing process and I’ve almost finished Book 4. More info about them later.

I can now breathe a sigh of relief. I cannot express to you, dear reader, how difficult keeping this secret has been. I am so pleased to be able to shout about it from the rooftops.

Exciting times!