Totally Awesome ZOMBIE Experience!

Wow! I just had the most mind-blowing experience. I spent this morning fighting zombies! And it was AWESOME!

Zero Latency is a company that’s running the world’s first multiplayer free-roam Virtual Reality (VR) experience… and it’s in Melbourne. So I got together with some friends for a group booking, zombie-killing experience.

I don’t want to give too much away, but the story involves you and your team having to fight your way through zombies and rebels to a drop ship which will take you to safety. There are multiple levels to get through in this first-person-shooter style game, and it is a high-octane, thrill-ride of an experience.

I’m not up on the tech aspects of it all. So in layman’s terms… you get kitted out with a backpack, VR goggles, headphones and a BIG gun; and then put in a warehouse space so you don’t bang into any walls (there are also safety measures to make sure you don’t hit into anything real). The immersion is surprisingly real. The graphics and sound are amazing. There are even some physical effects. Let me tell you, when I had to cross a narrow bridge over a sheer drop (there are fans set up so you feel like you are caught in a crosswind), my heart was genuinely pounding with fear.

It costs $88 per person per session (about 45-50 minutes in game) and you have to be at least 13 years old to play. You can book a group of six (max), or you can book individually. I would highly recommend getting a group of friends together. Playing together as a team was a big part of the experience.

My friends and I don’t do things my halves. We all dressed up for the occasion and took lots of pics. This is our team…

And as a last resort, if your teammates are all dead and you’re cornered by the advancing zombie hordes, it helps to have a vortex manipulator…

Let me say this one more time – this was a totally AWESOME experience! I will definitely be doing it again.