Videos and Virtual Visits

Life in Australia has become rather strange since the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. Social distancing has become a thing, hand sanitising is now the norm, and panic buying of toilet paper has hit insanity levels. But schools have also been affected. Many have closed due to staff or students having contracted the virus. States have announced early closures for term holidays and doubt hangs over when schools will reopen. Everything is in flux and major decisions are being made on a day-to-day basis.

Understandably, in these uncertain times, author visits to schools are being cancelled or postponed. But while actual face-to-face visits may not be currently appropriate, virtual visits are taking off. Authors are making themselves available over platforms such as Skype and Zoom, to continue interacting with classes, enthusing kids about reading and inspiring them to write.

I’ve put together a little light-hearted video to advertise my own virtual visits and to offer teachers another alternative for term 2 this year – custom-made author videos.

I can create short videos on a variety of writing related topics, which could be used in both actual and virtual classroom situations. A perfect alternative to author visits, if schools are closed and students are working from home. Videos could include readings, background on books or book series, workshop style videos explaining aspects of the writing process, or simply the answering of student questions. If a teacher were to gather up questions from their students and email them to me, I could answer the questions in the video, naming the students as I answer, in order to give them a sense of interaction and connection.

If there are any teachers or school librarians interested in virtual visits or custom videos, please get in contact.

Stay safe!