It’s June 2013! And my new novel, Gamers’ Rebellion, has finally been unleashed upon the Australian reading public. 🙂

It is so VERY, VERY exciting! This is the third book in the Gamers series, finishing off Tark and Zyra’s story (but leaving things open for further stories… just in case ;-)). Its release means that I have officially achieved TRILOGY STATUS.

If you’re looking to get a copy, and your local bookstore doesn’t stock it, please ask them to order it in. ISBN: 9781921665974

Otherwise, there are lots of online stores you can get it from, including Boomerang Books, Booktopia and Bookworld.

Seeing as how it is the third book, Gamers’ Rebellion is going to have three launches. That’s right… THREE! The first launch took place at the Craigieburn Library Literary Festival, which was attended by a number of schools. In front of an auditorium crammed full of kids, the wonderful Meredith Costain (author of Disaster Chef and many other books), launched the book with a terrific speech about video games and avatars. Here’s the vid…

The second launch will happen on Saturday 8 June at Continuum 9, a spec fic and pop culture convention. It will be launched there, by author Narrelle M Harris (The Opposite of Life and Walking Shadows). And finally, it will have a public launch at Watsonia Library as part of the Myths and Legends Annual Booklovers’ Festival.

Exciting times!