CD Review — Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Music from the Television Series

I reviewed the Blu-ray release of Melbourne-made television series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries last month (see review), and also gave away a few copies. Now it’s time to do the same with the CD soundtrack.

This CD is actually a compilation of songs rather than a proper soundtrack, which is probably why it’s not actually referred to as a ‘soundtrack’ on the cover. Instead, it says “Music from the Television Series”. It’s a great listen that really throws you back to the 1920s with 16 songs from the era featuring the likes of Duke Ellington, Paul Whiteman, Des Tooley and many others.

In addition to all the period songs, the CD also features two tracks composed specifically for the series. The first of these is “Miss Fisher’s Theme” by Greg J Walker, who composed the score for series. I’m so pleased this in on here. It’s catchy and fun and captures the spirit of freedom and independence that epitomises Phryne Fisher. I am rather disappointed that more of his music is not included on this CD. The score for the series does a wonderful job of capturing the era as well as enhancing the visuals — and there were a number of cues I would have loved to have here.

I’m also very pleased that the CD includes “Mr Music Man”, a 1920s style song featured in the episode “The Green Mill Murder”. Composed by Harry Angus, it is sung by the glorious Deni Hines who also acts in the episode.

This CD is great listen, but as a soundtrack aficionado and collector, it is disappointing not to have any of the score other than the theme included. Maybe a second CD is in order?

The packaging is lovely. Lots of colour pics from the series on the fold-out cardboard pack, a great booklet full of info on each of the tracks and a cute record design on the actual CD.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Music from the Television Series is released in Australian by Roadshow Entertainment.

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