Nykita writes!

My eldest daughter, Nykita, is in Grade 4 this year. Throughout her school life thus far, she has shown an aptitude for writing and art, as well as a love of reading (she devours books at an incredible rate). This makes me very happy, indeed.

I remember when she was in Grade 1, her teacher commenting with amazement on Nykita’s correct use of talking marks and other punctuation. I swelled with pride during that parent/teacher meeting.

At the end of Grade 3, Nykita brought home her class workbooks. I have her writing workbook in front of me now. I’ve been reading through it yet again — and again, I am so impressed with the material she has written. So impressed that, as a proud father, I feel compelled to share some of it with the world.

This is a short descriptive piece written in response to a picture…

Howling wind and the distant sound of thunder echoes all around the musky wet streets of the small and wintry town. Dark clouds shadow over every house there is, smoke arises from chimneys dotting houses here and there. People roam the lonely streets of this small and frosty town. Winter trees all stripped and bare are swaying in the frosty cold wind.

I love it! Great descriptions! I am so proud of her! And I can’t wait to read what she will write in this year’s workbook.