REAL Award Shortlist

You Choose: The Treasure of Dead Man’s Cove has made it onto the shortlist for the REAL awards in the category of “Fiction For Younger Readers”. REAL stands for Reading & Enjoying Australian Literature. Books on the REAL shortlist have been nominated by kids across the country. And the shortlist is then voted on by kids in a series of separate state-based awards — the YABBAs (Young Australians Best Book Awards) in Victoria; the KOALAs (Kids Own Australian Literature Awards) in New South Wales; the COOL Awards (Canberra’s Own Outstanding List Awards) in the ACT; and the KROC Awards (Kids Reading Oz Choice Awards) in the Northern Territory.

What an amazing set of acronymous awards!

I am delighted and honoured and excited for my book to be on the “Fiction For Younger Readers” shortlist along with…

  • Alice Miranda in Japan by Jacqueline Harvey
  • Andy Roid and the Avalanche of Evil by Felice Arena
  • Billie B Brown: The Bully Buster by Sally Rippin (illustrated by Aki Fukuoka)
  • Don’t Look Now Book 4 by Paul Jennings & Andrew Weldon
  • EJ12: Time to Shine by Susannah McFarlane
  • Our Australian Girl: Meet Grace by Sofie Laguna (illustrated by Lucia Masciullo)
  • Our Australian Girl: Meet Letty by Alison Lloyd (illustrated by Lucia Masciullo)
  • Pizza Cake by Morris Gleitzman
  • The Lost Circus: The Last Elephant by Justin D’Ath

Such wonderful company!

The full shortlist of all categories is available from the YABBA website.