You Choose AFL

I’ve been keeping this a secret since November 2016… but I can finally reveal details of the next You Choose book. It’s a footy-themed story that’s been licensed by the Australian Football League. And it features real-life AFL players (as well as a ninja, a Footy Godmother and a group of grumpy old men who are trying to destroy the game of football). How EXCITING is that!

And today I also get to unveil the awesome cover by James Hart. So here it is. You Choose AFL: Footy Fever.

You Choose AFL: Footy Fever will hit bookstores in time for this year’s AFL Grand Final.

There’s quite a long story behind this book. And it all started with an earlier You Choose book – Super Sports Spectacular. I’d never really been much for watching sports, so I needed to do a lot of research for this book. Aside from looking up the rules for various different sports, it mostly meant watching YouTube vids of amazing sporting moments, from soccer volley kicks to AFL speckies. It turned out that I really enjoyed watching these sporting moments.

All of this led me to attend my very first AFL game at Etihad Stadium (and later, my first Grand Final barbecue). I blogged about this experience. My publisher read the blog post and then contacted me to suggest a possible You Choose / AFL combo. I immediately jumped at the opportunity, marked it and ran with the idea. And the rest, as they say, is history.

But enough blog posting! I’m now going out into the back yard to kick a footy and pretend I’m an AFL star.